About Me

Hi! I’m Ella: avid reader, versatile writer, and enthusiastic user of the Oxford comma.*

I’m a trained journalist who specializes in writing, editing, and storytelling. Over the past five years I’ve covered subjects from regional agricultural trends to dogs at music festivals—for platforms including lifestyle magazines, local newspapers, tourism websites, and corporate blogs.

These days, I spend my days doing research to support the incredible philanthropy work of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

You can also find me irregularly and irreverently (and possibly irrelevantly) writing about what I eat on my food blog GourmB.

A photograph of Ella: A white woman with a brown bob haircut, brown glasses, a red bandanna, a black and white striped t shirt and denim shirt. She's pushing up her glasses and smiling.

*I can leave it out if you think it’s clunky, unnecessary and outdated.